We will not tell you today's menu, we change it seasonally and we do not want to take away the surprise. The Union Restaurant on the island Pescatori Stresa offers variety of fresh pasta, lake fish, seafood and Italian meats.

The hotel also offers ice cream and pastries handcrafted prepared daily. The Union restaurant offers both lunch and dinner severa) fresh pasta specialties, grilled dishes and traditional cuisine of Mediterranean fish and meat.

Also during the week alternating tasty dishes of the day, always made from fresh pasta, fresh fish according to the market supply and unique dishes to which we add the speed of service while maintaining the quality of our cuisine at an affordable price.

In all our kitchens, we are committed to using fresh ingredients and sourced Italian and loca) levels to implement simple but tasty dishes.


+39 (0) 323 933798
+39 340 3385947

Events Info:

+39 (0) 323 933798
+39 340 3385947

Opening Hours:

Every day: 8.00 a.m - 10.00 p.m.


Isola dei Pescatori
Via Lungo Lago 16
Stresa 28838